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Adding songs
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At present, songs must be added to taiko-web manually via the database. A song management page is currently in development.

About songs in taiko-web

taiko-web supports two notechart formats: TJA, and osu!taiko beatmaps (in .osu format). As with official Taiko games, a song can have up to five difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Oni/Extreme, Ura/Inner Oni).

Unlike other simulators, most of the song metadata is read from the song database instead of each individual song file. The following song information is read from the database:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Difficulty stars
  • Genre

Most other attributes, including the preview offset (DEMOSTART/PreviewTime) is read from the song file at runtime.

About audio

taiko-web only supports MP3 for song audio, since unfortunately Safari doesn’t support Ogg. You must manually convert your song audio if it is in a different format.

Converting Ogg to MP3 with LAME can sometimes cause very slight offset problems when playing the song in taiko-web. There is an offset column in the songs table that can be used to modify the offset independently of the song’s existing offset.

You can use taiko-web’s debug interface to help find the correct offset for a song. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ; while playing a song to open it.

File structure

For each song in the database, a folder named after the song’s ID must exist in the public/songs/ directory. Within it, you will need the following files:

  • For TJA charts: main.tja
  • For OSU charts: easy.osu, normal.osu, hard.osu, oni.osu, ura.osu
    • You only need files for the difficulties you want to add.
  • For both TJA and OSU: main.mp3

In TJA notecharts, COURSE labels must correspond to either a numeric or string value as defined below for each difficulty to be recognised:

0 1 2 3 4
Easy Normal Hard Oni Edit

If you have ffmpeg installed, taiko-web will generate preview.mp3 files for each song based on the preview time you have set in your chart(s). If for any reason you modify this time in your file, you must delete preview.mp3 for taiko-web to re-generate it.

Database structure

Column Type Description Example
id INTEGER Unique song ID 1
title TEXT The song’s original name (usually in Japanese) さいたま2000
title_lang TEXT Localised song titles, each on a new line and in the format <lang> <title> en Saitama 2000
cn 埼玉2000
tw 埼玉2000
ko 사이타마 2000
subtitle TEXT The song’s original subtitle (usually in Japanese)
subtitle_lang TEXT Localised song subtitles, each on a new line and in the format <lang> <subtitle>
easy INTEGER Number of stars for Easy difficulty, leave blank if none exists 5
normal INTEGER Number of stars for Normal difficulty, leave blank if none exists 7
hard INTEGER Number of stars for Hard difficulty, leave blank if none exists 7
oni INTEGER Number of stars for Oni difficulty, leave blank if none exists 7
ura INTEGER Number of stars for Ura difficulty, leave blank if none exists
enabled INTEGER 1 if song is playable, 0 if not 1
category INTEGER The song’s category/genre ID, from the categories table 7
type TEXT tja or osu tja
offset REAL taiko-web-specific song offset, in seconds -0.015
skin_id INTEGER The song’s optional skin ID, from the song_skins table